The Contractor. Is he the best suited?

Finding the best suited Contractor to quote your project.

How often do we find that we are looking for the best suited contractor? When I say best suited, I mean the best in quality for the amount we can afford to pay. We all have a different perception of 'best'. Some consider that to be in quality, others in price, others in quantity of work, and others in a combination of all.

When we begin our search, whats the first thing we do. We invite the contractor to present a quote for the service presented. Some contractors are very eager, others not so much. Some play it cool, others stumble with their words. Most clients listen the professional sounding during their conversation over the phone. And that is good on them. Usually you want to start by finding the ones that know how to answer a phone professionally. The client gets engaged in conversation because they are calm and cool over the phone, they have educated themselves enough to know what to say and how to say it. Now don't take me the wrong way, that doesn't mean they are fully competent to do the job. But you have not presented them with anything yet. You always need to know the right questions to ask. And those questions are ones that pertain to the specific job you need them to perform.

Some questions to ask.

1. How many years in business?

2. How many years of working experience?

3. Who is performing the job?

4. Does the company use sub-contractors or do they have their own staff?

5. Does the company have insurance?

6. What level jobs does the company perform? High end? Residential? Commercial?

7. What area do you typicaly work in?

8. Is my area in your demographic?

9. Are you familiar with the homes in my area? (Good question to ask for those in a much older home).

These are a few preliminary questions to ask.

Once you feel comfortable with at least 3 companies in your selection, I recommend you get them to visit your space and present you with their quotes. be continued in our next HANDY BLOG.

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